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The art of sailing and selling

The Yacht Broker

You want to make your dream a reality. You are considering to make a profession of your hobby! You have the ambition to work as an (independent) yacht broker! However, you do not know how to start! Make a first step by contacting Gerritse Consult. With over 30 years of experience in yacht brokerage, Gerritse Consult will provide you with all information about the profession of yacht broker. Gerritse Consult can assist you, when you aim to make a career in the maritime world. Preparing for the market, tutoring, knowledge of yachts and legislation, communicating with buyers and sellers, financial institutions, and other parties are all part of the topics Gerritse Consult can advise you on. The final goal: acting as an independent yacht broker for your own account or that of an organisation.

Coaching to get started

This module is applicable to certificate holders and associations that have little to no entrepreneurial experience. The exceptional position of a yacht broker, that represents both the buyer and seller, comes with many responsibilities requiring extra attention. Guidance in completing financial transactions via a separate, neutral escrow account.


Guidance and support of an existing structure. Customer relation management, mapping the complete process from requests, including the sale, until after sale meetings. Appraisals, liabilities and the execution of actual negotiations. Development of the yacht broker in a working environment.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is an individual module offered by Gerritse Consult for those that are already active in the yacht brokerage industry. The personal coaching we offer, is aimed at individuals that are looking to improve themselves professionally. We coach program participants one day every month in all relevant activities of a yacht broker. The final goal: improving the professional performance.


Becoming part of an existing yacht brokerage firm with a ready-to-go business plan. An online database with a Customer Relation Management system, specially developed for yacht brokerage, including all common agreements and mailings. This module is applicable to starters with experience as an entrepreneur.


Gerritse Consult works with a transparent pricing scheme. The introduction meeting is free of charge. In this initial meeting expectations are discussed and goals will be set.

  • Coaching to get started: 13 days in 3 months € 4,000.-.
  • Coaching/Tutorage: for a period of 1 year, 1 day per month, € 3,000.-.
  • Participation: entrance fee € 5,000.- , per year, 1 day per month € 2,500.-.
    Making contracts available for use, appraisals, mailings of the CRM system, etc.

All prices are excluding VAT. We work without commissions and are therefore independent, making it possible to critically evaluate products and contractual agreements.

Proprietary Yacht Broker

The art of sailing and selling.

Gerritse Consult established Home Port Yachts in 2001. This independent organisation is specialized in sales, using the home port or winter housing of the specific yacht. With offices in the North, Middle and South of the Netherlands we cover the complete Netherlands, always having an office close by. Home Port Yachts is primarily established to offer junior Emci certified yacht brokers a complete platform. A sales formula that demonstrated to be effective offers the opportunity to manage a long term sustainable business. 24/7 support and assistance joint with a central marketing, a central website, and PR policy yields a strong collective. Home Port yachts features a unique CRM data system, specially developed for the yacht brokerage industry. Naturally, the data base is online and offers the right information at right moment. As a result, a transparent way of work is guaranteed.

Escrow Account

The art of sailing and selling.

Gerritse Consult established ‘Stichting Derdengelden Eurohome’ in 2001. This nonprofit foundation is a separate bank account used for the financial transactions between third parties. ‘Stichting Derdengelden Eurohome’ collects financial amounts on behalf of clients. The goal is to keep this financial amounts separated from the companies own capital to protect the money from illegitimate use or bankruptcy. E.M.C.I. certified yacht brokers are obliged to use an escrow account.


The art of sailing and selling.




Home Port Yachts

About me

Gerritse Consult is a nautical consultancy firm, specialised in the guidance and coaching of E.M.C.I. certificate holders in the yacht brokerage industry. Certificate holders and associations are coached to establish their own solid organisations to function for the long term. Years of experience (30 years!) in yacht brokerage make sure that Gerritse Consult can also offer a solution to your organisation. In addition, establishing your own yacht brokerage firm or joining an existing organisation are possibilities.

Why Gerritse Consult? Gerritse Consult works according to the IKEE principle; I Independent, meaning no connection to shipyards or financial institutions. K Knowledge sworn in by the court of Amsterdam and graduated Cum Laude for the skill test. E Experience: over 30 years of uninterrupted registration at the Chamber of Commerce as a yacht broker. E Expertise in starting an independent yacht brokerage operation as a franchise or for own account.

  • FEBRUARY 1987

    Establishment Chamber of Commerce Hilversum

  • DECEMBER 1997

    Sworn in by the court of Amsterdam

  • MARCH 1999

    Member N.B.M.S.

  • MARCH 2001

    Establishment Home Port Yachts and ‘stichting Derden Gelden Eurohome’

  • JULY 2010

    E.M.C.I. certified

  • JANUARY 2016

    Cooperation Gerritse Consult with E.M.C.I Global Netwerk Group

  • JANUARY 2017

    Cooperation Gerritse Consult with the N.B.M.S. Association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers.

  • JANUARY 2018

    Appointment Gerritse Consult by E.M.C.I Global Netwerk Group as project manager certified harbourmasters.

  • OCTOBER 2019

    Appointment Gerritse Consult by E.M.C.I Global Netwerk Group as project manager audits yachtbrokers and marinas.

  • 2020

    Gerritse Consult

    Adress: Industrieweg 14S, LOOSDRECHT, NEDERLAND

    tel. + 31 35 5828806 , + 31 6 53 390749

    website :


    Chamber of Commerce no. (Netherlands): 30077585

    VAT no.: 1211.02.142.B.02

    Bank IBAN: NL17 INGB 0004 0221 10

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The art of sailing and selling.